Essential Things Every Business Website Needs

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Every business needs an appealing website. Although website designing should not just be a handful of basic designing and deploying. A good and attractive website should stand out differently from all the others. Let us consider internet as a busy street then your website acts as a store front. Designing your website creatively will help your visitors to gain more trust and the urge to opt for your offerings.

Strong domain name

The very first basic thing to think about is your website name. You can get professional domain names such as .com or .in so that your website reaches to maximum people on internet. Generally your domain name and your company brand name are similar which makes it easy for the customers to get back. Be careful while replacing letters with numbers or special symbols because people should be able to hear your web address when spoken.


Anything written on your web page should be easily readable. Avoid using unusual text fonts or colours. Many of them cannot differentiate the background colour and the text colour through which text sometimes feels to be disappeared.
The vocabulary of your content should also be familiar to the people you thought might visit your website. Also make sure your content includes descriptive images or videos and not just long walls of text.

Easy Navigation

A website should always contain easy accessible navigation toolbar that can redirect your users to the most important pages. If you have a heavy content on your website such as large number of inventory products or lots of articles then adding a search bar would help your website visitors to quickly search what to want.

Fast page loading

A website which loads slow might immediately disinterest people from visiting your page. There might be quite a few reasons through which your website’s loading time might turn slow. Usage of too many plug-ins or overloading your website with too many ads could be the reason.

Search Engine Optimization

In order to increase the visitor’s interaction on your website, they should be able to find your website at the first place. Low search engine rankings is the major reason that your website is not reached to the people.
In order to boost your ranking, SEO has quite a few methods such as, include your web page with keywords, using meta tags and many more. SEO really proves to be a useful solution when it comes to increasing your web site ranking.

Clear brand identity

All the content on your website should reflect your offerings. If you already have a logo then the same logo should be seen on your web site services or your products. Also be aware that your web site is not informal.
The font size, styles and colours should remain the same throughout your website. Consistency in your website design is what highly recommended for better user experience.

Good online reputation

Website is a perfect platform to exhibit your achievements in the business world. Displaying the testimonials of your previous customers can turn out to be a factor on which the visitors rely on. You can also help your visitors by giving them a quotation or an idea with respect to your products.
Feedbacks and reviews are most important to build a respectable position in your expertise. Encouraging happy clientele to give a positive review can outweigh negative feedbacks. Also trying to hide criticism in the internet can have a doubtful impact on the website visitors.

Website security

The intention behind hacking is either to damage the company’s reputation, steam confidential information or for any financial gain. Visitors may doubt your services if your website isn’t secured. If you do not allow your transactions to pass through secure and authorised payment channels then there is lesser chance of user interaction.
There are different plug-ins which help in securing your website. These include firewall and visitor monitoring plug-ins.

Social media integration

Facebook and Twitter business pages are as important as your website as they offer news feed or a business timeline. Linking these social media platforms onto your website proves to be the best in order to gain more visitors through different sources.
Including plug-ins for Facebook and Twitter can help visitors to immediately follow you from your website’s main page.

Smartphone friendliness

Knowing the fact that there exist a large number of mobile phone users who access websites, you should be sure about your website is mobile friendly. A website displays itself differently on different devices such as mobiles, tables and smartphones.
You should also be aware of the layout and design of your website and frequent checks must be carried out by inspecting how the site is displayed on various devices.

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