It does not matter what business you pursue but without it’s digital recognition you will not actually be reachable to maximum number of your target audience. Therefore, the importance being Digitally Recognized is rapidly growing. Without your internet recognition or identity you’ll just remain another fish from the sea. In order to protrude the products […]

What is a Domain Name? What is a Domain Name? The name of your website is your domain name. In order to access your website a domain name acts as the address where internet users can find you. Domain name also helps in finding and identifying your computer over the internet. This is because computer […]

Steps to get your website on google top 10 list :   1. Learn & Implement Marketing Basics No matter how many buzzwords, new paradigms, disruptive technologies, or innovative inventions are introduced, search engine optimization (SEO) at its most fundamental is marketing. Marketing on the web, with efforts, outcomes, metrics that matter.   2. How […]

Website hacking Website hacking and prevention is a sensitive concept that needs to be taken care of. The number of hacked websites rose to 32% in 2014. However this number is likely to be increased as hackers become more sophisticated in their attacking approaches. From stealing your confidential data, taking control of your computer, or […]

Web Analytics Web analytics provide you with the actual reports and analysis of how people behave on your website and also how did they come to know about your website (traffic source), best performing content on your website, total conversions, etc. This information proves to be very important when it comes to strategy planning and […]

Since the past few years there has been a massive growth and in new trends of in the world of web design. The development and implementation of web navigation and patterns the developers have been adopting also has increased drastically. The navigation trends work well with all variety of websites along with different responsive web […]

Every business needs an appealing website. Although website designing should not just be a handful of basic designing and deploying. A good and attractive website should stand out differently from all the others. Let us consider internet as a busy street then your website acts as a store front. Designing your website creatively will help […]

What makes a good business logo ? Would you know a great logo if you saw one? What qualities make a logo great? How can you tell if a logo is truly effective or not? A great logo makes a company memorable. It accurately conveys the company’s identity. A great logo will be attractive but […]

Different methods to install wordpress on your site. Install wordpress using script installer and FTP account.

Hot link protection prevents other websites from directly linking to files and pictures on your website. Steps for to enable and disable it.