Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance can be used for simple website updates such as changing text or images on a web page, right up to more comprehensive website maintenance such as new pages or new functionality for your website.

A successful company is adroit at adapting and embracing changes. Like everything else in life, website designs keep on changing with time. As it is essential to have a strong web presence, a perfect website is an ideal way to do it. Along with website design and development services, Dreams International also undertakes website re-designing services. Nowadays, the web environment has really become more creative, informative and highly innovative.

Every day we are witnessing the emergence of new technologies and tools. These new techniques are really making the web experience an ideal one. So to keep up with the technology, you will have to make necessary changes within your website infrastructure which would help you attract more customers and traffic to your website and ultimately your business.

Content Updation

We provide you with complete analytics of your website.Using google analytics monthly reports would be provided to you containing details such as Demographics, Browsers, Top ranking Keywords for your website and Reference websites.

Security Patches

Our SEO tactics makes sure that you rank higher for the specified keywords. Optimizations are done at various levels to make sure that you outrank your competitors.

Adding Functionality

Our search engine experts optimizes your website for search engines using genuine methods only. We do not follow any wrong methods to outrank your website competitors which would result in penalizing your entire site from search engines.

Website Analytics

We identify your major competitors and come up with a strategy to beat the competition. We use some of the most expensive and industry leading softwares to perform this analysis. Doing this analysis helps us to understand where you stand against your competitors and come up with a better SEO strategy.

Performance Check

Solid keyword & market research allows informed SEO strategy and lets us formulate realistic projections and predictions for the market you are in. We are not in the business of making reckless claims or promises that we can't keep.

Website Restoration

With the help of different techniques of SEO, their would be increase in traffic to your website, which will lead to the maximized inquiries to your business. Thus, it maximizes the business efforts and your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages


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Frequently Asked Questions

Which kind of websites need web-maintenance service?

Every kind of websites, irrespective of their particular aspects, need web maintenance services. A website presents an online reflection to the visitors who are its target market and hence, it is expected to keep itself updated and well-maintained with all the latest facts, buzz and company information. A website without timely maintenance soon fades out from the visitor's mind and faces major loss when it comes to managing its online brand image.

Would proper web-maintenance help my search engine ranking?

Yes, proper and relevant web-maintenance definitely helps your website in getting positive ranking in the SERPs. With updated, fresh and informative content, image and links in the website, the search engine crawlers find it favourable to index your website, more so because the number of visitors to your website increases and this automatically facilitate your online traffic and search engine ranking.

Is my data secured?

Absolutely! We will take care of your data with all our servers are hosted in world-class data centers with 24 hours physical security.

What if my website requires moderate programming changes as well?

We will be glad to make any changes as required for your website however it is not covered in the scope of maintenance plans. So we will submit customized quote based on the changes required & start upon approval. All changes will be handled as a separate project.

Each project exhibits its own particular objectives, audience, and opportunities. Our way to deal with incredible undertakings starts with a time-tested process that finds and addresses the unforeseen.

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