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20% of top 1 million websites are powered by WordPress! Be a part of that community and extend your website beyond static pages with dynamic database driven WordPress CMS website, blog and thousands of plugins to choose from. Our expertise includes custom (and responsive) website design and development, theme creation, plugins installation, configuration and customization and also working with custom post types and taxonomies.

WordPress Website development solutions :


  • WordPress design
  • WordPress development
  • WordPress CMS development
  • WordPress website development
  • WordPress Ecommerce services
  • WordPress blog development
  • WordPress customization
  • Complex WordPress requirement
  • Hire WordPress export developer

WordPress Website Development helps you get faster desired results and to maintain the quality of your website with tailor made solutions such as interactive and informational widgets, database driven extensions, e-commerce plug-in, API integration and extended installations, SEO plug-in, etc…


So less time development of your site and more time appreciating it. Dreams International delivers coolest and the hottest WordPress designs to you. Each design is unique and is given special treatment to make it look even better. This makes sure that your design will be the only design on the World Wide Web. Let us take care of all technical things to build and host your website helping you to focus on blogging and business. Blogging can be a business or a passion or a pass time, and Dreams International understands that many new bloggers and small companies can’t afford an expensive web design company to create a website for them. We offer best economical and yet effective solutions for bloggers: Custom WordPress Themes Design. Without spending much, even your website can look as professional and charming as top leading brands. Not just the design but your website can be managed single handedly… well not literally, but yes quiet easily.

Why WordPress and what’s the Advantage?

WordPress is the best blogging and instant website solution on the web today. Thanks to its open-source engine, it gained widespread popularity throughout the world. Every day a community of more than 1000 contributors is working on improvements to platform. As far as users are concerned there are more than 10 million websites small and big running on its engine. It not only helps build a blog or an instant website, but also can sell products, integrate with social networking websites and more, using third party plugins which are mostly free. It plugins allow sky high possibilities to extend the impressive standard functionality even more. Anyone can download and install WordPress platform and start creating posts almost immediately.